How to Choose a Username on a Mature Dating Site?

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Your username on mature dating sites is one of the first things that mature singles on the site see. Your username can also tell people a lot about yourself, which will either make them click on your profile or avoid it all together.

So, picking your username should take some time, as there is a growing number of online singles who have never been on a date. Here are some tips for picking your username for mature dating UK sites.

1. Do Not Use a Username That Has Numbers at the End

For most people who have writer’s block, or want to use a username that is already taken, it can be tempting to add numbers to the end of their username. However, you should avoid doing this since using random numbers makes you look lazy or uncreative. You want to stand out from the crowd and having the same username as someone else makes you look boring.

2. Should I Use My Real Name?

This depends on the mature dating sites that you are signing up for. Using your real name makes finding your other social media accounts easier. It also does not really make other mature singles very interested in clicking on your profile.

3. Use Your Interests

One of the best ways of coming up with a catchy username by using your interests. Take two or three of your interests and come up with words that you could use. Avoid using complex or long words since there is usually a character limit. can help you come up with words that sound alike that you can use instead or add to your list. Once you have a list of words, take some time to combine them and see what names that you like the best.

4. it’s Not Just the Username

Along with your username, you may need a tagline for your mature dating sites profile. Be funny. More people are going to see the same “I’m the real deal”, or “Looking for Mr. Right”, but few people think about being funny or witty like “Click to Add to Cart.”

Many times, pairing your username and tagline can lead to a lot of laughs and more messages in your mail box. However, you should reflect your personality in both, because you do not want the only reason you are getting messages is due to your username or tagline.

Picking your username for mature dating sites does not need to be a complex, or time-consuming project. There are tools available online to help you come up with usernames that will get other mature singles to click onto your profile, and hopefully get you a date.

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