Top 5 Older Dating Sites Reviews

Dating sites are a dime a dozen these days and because you have such a variety of options to choose from you may be confused regarding where to go to find yourself a perfect match. If you're one of the older/middle aged people out there looking for love or a potential suitor it would not be wise for you to go to mainstream, conventional dating sites due to various reasons.

Nevertheless, there is no need to worry for your due to the advent of dating sites that match your needs and criteria. These dating/ matchmaking sites are for the older people out there that are lonely and looking forward to giving life a chance again by seeking potential partners/ lovers. They use specific algorithms and mathematical functions to make sure you match with the perfect individual you were looking for. So whether your purpose be to tie a knot, have some fun, date or to simply get to know new people you should definitely check out these dating sites that are mentioned below:

#1 Senior Match

Senior Match

The main focus of this website is to find potential love interests for people above 50 with the minimum age needed to sign up for this site being 30. The site features an application on both the Android and IOS platform app stores, besides that it offers the much easier and trouble free option for you to sign up using facebook which is the best social media website to get to know about a person and his/her interests and hobbies. This site offers access to the largest number of countries across the globe compared to any other senior people dating website. Therefore the signing up process offers a form of transparency between users, the information is all legit and nothing can be faked/ made up. The site ensures that only real members can join who are looking for a serious relationship(thus preventing spamming and fake accounts).One of the best aspects is that it offers a limited time free trial offer. What are you waiting for? Check out today.

#2 Older online Dating

Older Online Dating

This dating site is also geared towards single people around or above the age of 50. The age range of this site is from 18 to 99 (the user's age) and you can seek a possible mate from the ages of 18 to 99 as well. This dating site was founded in 2001 and since then has been helping a ton of people(mostly over 50) to start dating and getting into relationships. You can create an anonymous profile here so there are chances of fake accounts and spamming. You cannot sign in with facebook so you will not be able to get details of other people unless they provide it but the site does offer confidentiality and privacy protection for its members. You could heat out to right now.

#3 Older Dating

Older Dating

This dating portal is specifically offered to only the people residing in the United Kingdom. So if you're in UK you should without a doubt be making proper use of this site. It is specifally targeting towards people of the age range (40-70) in order to assist them in finding love through its unique algorithms. The website offers various helpful articles to read and besides that it has a #AskJulie special feature where 'love guru' Julie Edelman reads your questions and offers solutions to them. It has a relatively easy user interface (not as well put together and beautifully designed as the previous sites) which helps older people understand it better. Visit select a profile picture and write your bio. Then just sit back and let the system put together your best matches.

#4 Older Dating Online

Older Dating Online

Yet again we feature another online dating location based in the United Kingdom and only offering their services to people within the nation. This site is free to use and features various testimonials praising how the site helped them find their 'true love'. It is specially inclined towards people over 40 and they ensure complete security and confidentiality. They offer tips to help you create an impressive profile every step of the way. Whether you are looking for the perfect partner or just to make new friends check out

#5 Cupid


The website itself is not designed for middle aged/ older people but it has a special section for their target audience in that age group and to suit their needs. You can sign up with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Google and even link your Instagram account to it. It features an application on the Android and IOS app store. The basis of this website is similar to the first one we mentioned here which is transparency. You could meet up with people who share similar interests as you here at :

There are many more good dating sites for older people out there but we featured the top picks of this year to help you boost your progress. We sincerely hope you find that special individual, whom you want to cherish your moments with.